2 Month Well-Child Visit

Now you and your little one are more in-sync!  Hopefully you have learned how to live with interupted sleep and you are packing away those newborn clothes.  

In this visit you can expect us to:

  • Check the baby's weight, length, and head size
  • Assess Mom for postpartum depression
  • Physical assessment of your baby
  • Your baby's first set of immunizations.  Click on the vaccines below to view the CDC's Vaccine Information Statements

- Pediarix (HepB - DTaP - IPV) combination vaccine

- Prevnar (Pneumococal Conjugate)

- Hib (H. Influenza Type B)

-Rotarix (Rotavirus Oral Vaccine)

Anticipatory Guidance:  Bright Futures Parent Handout: 2 Month Visit