Returning To Sports After Covid 19

--There is evidence that COVID-19 can cause cardiac damage and myocarditis.  Myocarditis is known to be a cause of sudden death during exercise in young athletic populations.

--What this means:

  • All POSITIVE COVID-19 patients require a 14 day resting period.
  • All patients must be asymptomatic for greater than 14 days before returning to exercise and/or competition.
  • We recommend follow up in the office once asymptomatic for 14 days for patients that have tested positive for COVID-19 to screen for cardiac symptoms and to determine the severity of illness.
  • And EKG or cardiology referral may be provided at this appointment.

--Obtaining an EKG

  • If an EKG was ordered for you, we recommend calling GBMC for scheduling at 443-287-1648
  • Or call Childrens Heart Institute at 443-969-2017.  They can take same day appointments as long as you have an order from your healthcare provider.  They have several locations that can be found at