Measles Update: 


There have been 2 incubation periods since the last new confirmed case of measles. Per the Maryland Dept of Health there is no evidence of ongoing measles transmission at this time. Maryland department of health no longer recommends modifications to the standard MMR vaccine schedule for those who live, work, or attend activities in the Maryland zip codes 21208, 21209, 21215 (unless they have increased risk for measles exposure through travel to areas outside of Maryland with measles outbreaks or contact with visitors from those areas).




Measles update:


As a practice, Bucci Lancer Pediatrics is closely monitoring the Measles outbreak in Maryland and continuing to vaccinate per CDC and state recommendations. We are currently screening patients and contacting those we feel the need to vaccinate outside of the vaccination schedule. Please ensure that your patient portal is set up and functional as much of our communication is through the portal.


The Exceptions to the routine vaccination schedule include:


  • Children 6 months and older traveling outside of the United States to at risk locations.  Please check cdc.gov for you specific travel destination.

  • Children 6 months and older who live, work, or attend activities in Maryland zip codes 21208, 21209, and 21215. These children will still need two additional doses at least 28 days apart on or after the first birthday.

  • Children who are planning to travel to other areas with measles outbreaks (see list of measles outbreaks reported to CDC here: https://www.cdc.gov/measles/cases-outbreaks.html)

  • Children who might have contact with visitors from areas with measles outbreaks

  • Children who meet criteria 1-3 years: Give a second dose of MMR vaccine to children 1 year through 3 years of age who have already received their first MMR vaccine, as long as 28 days have passed since the first MMR vaccine was given to them. These children do not need an additional, third dose of vaccine as long as the child received both vaccines after the 1st birthday given at least 28 days apart.

  • Children 4-17 years: If not already given, give a second dose of MMR vaccine as soon as possible, as long as 28 days have passed since the first MMR vaccine

  • Adults: In adults born after 1957 who have only received 1 dose of MMR vaccine, give a second dose of vaccine.  MMR vaccine can also be given to adults born before 1957 if prior exposure to measles is uncertain.


Children who have been vaccinated at 12 months of age are 93% protected from the Measles. Children who have completed the MMR series (vaccine at 12 months and age 4) are 97% protected from the Measles.


Currently there have been 5 reported Measles cases in Maryland in 2019. At risk zip codes include 21208, 21209, and 21215. If you live in, or attend child care in one of these zip codes, we do recommend the vaccine.


Of note, vaccines given before 1 year of age may not be covered by insurance, and do not take the place of the 12 month vaccine.  


For more information please visit: https://phpa.health.maryland.gov/OIDEOR/IMMUN/Pages/Measles.aspx


Bucci Lancer Pediatrics Towson office has moved across the hall!

We are now located in Suite 311, just down the hall on the left, in the Osler Medical Builing (7600 Osler Dr, Towson, MD 21204)

At Bucci Lancer Pediatrics, we offer a full spectrum of pediatric care including prenatal visits for expecting parents, well-child and sports physicals, immunizations and same day sick appointments. Our caring team is committed to providing quality service in a comfortable office setting where children and parents can feel at ease. We also set aside time to equip parents with the tools and resources necessary for the development of healthy children from birth through adolescence.

We know that parents and children lead busy lives and are committed to making our practice convenient and accessible for your family. We have two convenient locations and are open four late nights and Saturday mornings. Our team is available days, nights and weekends to answer questions or address emergencies.

When you choose Bucci Lancer Pediatrics, you can feel confident that you are teaming with knowledgeable, compassionate providers who have dedicated their careers to child-focused health care.   

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with questions or concerns or to schedule an appointment

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Bucci Lancer Pediatrics would like to congratulate Ms. Hays on her new position with Kennedy Krieger. The providers and staff at Bucci Lancer Pediatrics will miss her, but wish Ms. Hays the best in all her future endeavors! May 31, 2019 will be Ms. Hays last day at Bucci Lancer Pediatrics.




Our office will be happy to complete camp and school forms for patients who have been seen for a well visit within the past year.

  • If your child needs a well visit, please call the office as soon as possible, schedules for the upcoming school year are filling fast.
  • There is a  $10.00 fee for school/camp forms (free if completed during the well visit). 
  • Please allow 7-10 business days to complete forms. 



Maryland is  considered a very high risk area for tick-borne disease, including Lyme disease.  Lyme disease is an infection spread by the bite of ticks that causes more than 300,000 illnesses each year in the United States. It is the most commonly occurring vector-borne disease and the sixth most commonly reported notifiable infectious disease.  Click on the links below for information regarding the  signs and symptoms of Lyme disease, prevention and treatment and a fact sheet to identify ticks found in the Maryland area.

>Lyme Disease Signs, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

>Ticks in Maryland (photos and descriptions)



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