4 Month Well Child Visit

Now your baby is becoming more active!  Be careful!  They do not warn you when they have learned to roll over so avoid leaving them unattended on the bed or couch!

Keep in mind, this visit MUST be at least 8 weeks after the 2 month visit to ensure proper vaccine dose spacing.

In this visit you can expect us to:

  • Check the baby's weight, length, and head size
  • Assess Mom for postpartum depression
  • Physical assessment of your baby
  • Immunizations.  Click on the vaccines below to view the CDC's Vaccine Information Statements

- Pediarix ( HepB - DTaP - IPV ) combination vaccine

- Prevnar ( Pneumococal Conjugate )

- Hib ( H. Influenza Type B )

- Rotarix ( Rotavirus Oral Vaccine )

Anticipatory Guidance: Bright Futures Parent Handout: 4 Month Visit